3 websites, printing materials and much more for a Washington DC tour provider

Today, we would like to tell you about a client who came to us to search for a way to enhance his business online. He’s the owner of a Washington DC sightseeing tour company and he was troubled by the fact he was not popular enough, and not being found on search engines, unlike his competitors who find a big part of their customers online. He has been in this business for a few years already but he had no idea what to do to move his business over the Internet.

After a brief talk about the needs and the requirements of the client we created a comprehensive online business strategy that involved website design, search engine optimization, social network creation and paid advertising campaign. In addition, we offered the client our print design services and he accepted them better than expected. After months of hard work we managed to do the following:

1. Create 3 websites that presented all the services of the Washington DC tour company. Our focus was to create a beautiful and catchy web design, fill the website with interesting content and make intuitive site navigation.

Washington DC Tours

2. Start a successful search engine optimization campaign. We are proud to announce that some of the websites can already be found on Google’s 1 pages.

3. Create a social media management strategy so that the clients of the company can share their opinion of the company, share it with their friends and recommend it online. Some of the social networks we used are Facebook and Google+.

4. Start a paid advertising campaign through Google. The advertising campaign has already proved to be a successful one. The client said that his income has doubled since partnering with Done Collective.

5. Create a few print materials, such as flayers and brochures, which present the services of the company as well as some current promotions.

DC Tour Brochures

With that said, we are proud to say that we not only created a beautiful website design. We created a whole new successful online business strategy that brings more revenue to the client than ever before.

About SiNik

I'm a marketing and SEO specialist at DoneCollective.com. I have over 5 years experience in this area working for other companies and as a freelancer. I've been working with the team since the beginning of the project. Apart from my work at DoneCollective.com my favorite activities include spending time with my family, my dogs, and training Capoeira.
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