Responsive Web Design and Its Benefits

Today’s topic is dedicated to the “Responsive Web Design”. We have already mentioned the words “responsive web design” in our previous blog post where we presented to you our new website. The creation of a mobile friendly website a.k.a responsive website is one of the hottest trends in the web design area and as a web design company following the latest trends, we wanted to explain to you what a responsive web design is and how you can take advantage of it.

Technologies are developing so fast that you can no longer tell what kind of a device you will use to browse through the Internet in the next six month – smart phone, tablet, even TV. Indeed, it’s great that we have all these opportunities and we can check our favorite sites anywhere, but on the other hand it gets more difficult to make our own websites displaying properly on all these devices. 5 years ago it was enough to have your website displayed properly only on your home PC. Nowadays, your website is visited from smart phones, tablets, view-ports, etc. and you loose clients if your visitors can’t find the information they need easily on the device they use.

Web design companies needed to find an adaptive solution that will allow them to create one version of a website that works for all devices, browsers and resolutions. Thanks to the latest improvements in the CSS specifications and latest browser builds it is now possible to create a website flexible enough to meet all your visitors’ needs and it is called responsive web design.

Responsive web design or RWD in short is an adaptive web design that looks good on all phones with browsers, tables, notebooks with higher resolution and net books. There are several techniques that allow us to create such website design but we are not going to run into details that will only confuse you. We are just going to say that everything must be flexible – images, website dimensions, etc. Indeed, sometimes we have to hide some content so that the main part of the website and the content is visible enough but this is not such a big problem. The most important thing is to keep focus on the main idea of a particular page so that visitors can get the most of it and share it with friends. This even makes your website more SEO friendly.

Do you see the benefits now? Let us summarize them again:

  • No worries about what devices your clients use to visit your website;
  • No extra money for different website versions;
  • No hassle about the constantly improving mobile devices;
  • Competitive and professional looking website design;
  • Improved search engine optimization services;

There is a lot more to say about the responsive web design technology but why loose time in talking. We’d better move forward and put all our efforts in creating great looking websites for you that will beat the competition and will not loose any visitors and potential customers.

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