How to Have an Effective Website?

Key elements to catch your clients attention and turn website leads into conversions

Effective website design

As a leading Washington DC web design company, we at Done Collective are always trying to provide You with the best advices to make your website beautiful, effective and the most successful. With that said, we’d like to share with you our DO’s and DON’T’s to make you the most beautiful and effective website you could have.

So, which websites are effective, and what is the secret that makes them more successful in the ocean of the Internet? Effective websites give your clients what they want – products, information, services etc. Although it sounds simple, the truth is that to achieve your goal, your website should have a certain combination of key elements:

Appearance – Make a killer first impression

Your website is the first impression that potential clients will get of your company. A professional, organized and eye-catching appearance will allow your website to be the most effective in generating new leads for your business.

According to a research, people scan web pages for no more than 15 seconds before they read them.  When it comes to your web design’s appearance, the challenge comes in trying to keep your client’s attention and evoke their interest to stay on the website longer and to click through the pages.


  • Use an appropriate color scheme that contains only 2-3 primary colors to keep the appearance neat, with an appealing tone that generates a positive impression;
  • Use fonts and typography that are easy to read, and backgrounds that do not distract your client from the intended messages and texts on your website;
  • Use neat layouts with amble spaces to give more simplicity to your website;
  • Add quality photography and multimedia – high quality photographs provide a sense of sight to your clients and rapidly increases the visual appeal of your website.


  • Don’t overdo – the usage of too many colors, too many fonts in different shapes and sizes, as well as including too many images and effects on your website will distract clients and lead to confusion about your intended message.

At Done Collective, our professional web designers know how to find the balance between an eye-catching, and useful appearance; this will make your website effective for the certain needs of each of your clients.

The Power of Content

While the appearance of your website provides the first impression to clients, it is the content that will keep attention and drive interest of your products and services.


  • Create quality, creative content with original texts. Keep it fresh, understandable and unique to your target market. Make a flow of information that is logically connected and positioned on your website;
  • Create SEO friendly content. Search engines discover your website through the written content in HTML format. Use keywords and tags in your texts, titles, and headers to properly optimize your website;
  • Organize your content in small paragraphs with short sentences, written in a clear and 32 style.


  • Don’t use low quality texts or any content that is not original and unique. Don’t fill your pages with too many key words, as Search Engines will ‘flag’ any web site that contains repeat content.

Our professional web design team understands how important content is for your website, which is why we will offer you professional copywriting and search engine optimization services.

Effective Structure and Navigation

The perfect structure for your website and its usability is crucial for its effectiveness. A professionally built website is recognized by its flawless structures   and sitemaps that make each page easy to navigate for clients, and is easy to be crawled by search engine spiders. (Google, Bing, Yahoo!)


  • Create a logical navigation for your website – the most effective pages have menu items at the top of the website; the smaller number of menu items, the easier it is to scan by your clients;
  • Make the front page with minimal scroll in order to be most convenient for clients;
  • Include fast-loading pages; nobody has time to wait for websites to load these days;
  • Use a sitemap and breadcrumbs;
  • Be sure your website looks good for different screen resolutions;
  • Include a search box in your website for easy navigation.


  • Don’t forget to test your website with different browsers. Keep testing all aspects of the usability of your website to assure that the perfect site you’ve created is actually useful for your clients and provides them what they need.

The importance of Functionality

Functionality is what differentiates professionally designed websites from others. Make all components on your website work quickly and correctly; from the hyperlinks and the contact forms all the way to the site search. The functionality of your website is what makes is all work together in harmony, and provides your clients with quick, informative content.


  • Include simple contact forms (Name, Email, Mobile);
  • Use different search engine optimization tools that work together;
  • Include downloadable content – free content gets leads;
  • Use only correctly working links.


  • Don’t ever, ever, ever allow spelling or grammatical errors. We all know typos and bad grammar will take away from your credibility, and could turn potential leads off;
  • Don’t include low quality images, broken links or errors in the downloadable content.

These are few of the principles we follow when we build web sites. The others we will keep our secret at this time.


Done Collective is a leading Washington DC Web Design Company. We provide clients with professional web design, search engine optimization services, social media marketing, Internet marketing services, and offline marketing.

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